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In love with this shop not only is Charlee an amazing, kind and extremely knowledgeable. But it’s great that she makes a lot of her products but she also supports a lot of other local businesses! There is no other store that comes close to this one I drive 2 hours just for her products, I know she has shipping but it’s nice to go in for a chat and make my own room spray in the DIY room

Rebecca W.

Barrie, Ontario

Charlee always gives the greatest customer service and is extremely knowledgeable. I always feel welcome walking into her store. And always leave extremely Happy! Glad to have a store like this in Owen Sound! Most definitely recommend you to go check out Nakdbasics!

Travis L.

Owen Sound, Ontario

I really enjoyed my reading from Charlee. It seemed very accurate without even being face to face. She is great at fully explaining everything, and is very good at looking for what you want to know about, as well as generally readings. The fee is amazing and worth every cent!! Thank you so much Charlee!

Melissa M.

Owen Sound, Ontario

I recently received a tarot card reading via text messaging which included a reading with oracle cards. Charlee's reading was very accurate and she pinpointed specific things that I connected with which either validated some events in my past and present, or brought my attention to some things in my future. I was shocked at the accuracy of her tarot card reading as most that I've had in the past have not been so accurate or in-depth. I was also shocked that she was able to connect with several aspects in my life without me physically being in front of her while she conducted her reading. After Charlee's reading, I was able to find some closure as well as have some doors open up for me. I am very pleased with her reading and can say I have gained a sense of peace and clarification. Thank-you once again Charlee!

Trisha S.

Toronto, Ontario

I had an aroma massage from Charlee and it was beyond relaxing and very enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend this form of massage for stress relief, pain, and relaxation. I suffer from a sore lower back and she made a pain relief blend to help. I felt great and I noticed a difference right away! She has a blend for everything and is very knowledgable. 

Michael R.

Georgian Bluffs, Ontario

I walked into a Sephora the other day looking for a blush and a worker offered to apply one as a sample. She asked me what BB cream I used to make my skin so nicely moisturized and dewy. All I was wearing was my Nakd Face oil! I've never had a product that felt this nice on my skin - especially this time of year when it's needed the most!

Katarina, L.

Ottawa, Ontario

A product I feel safe putting on my skin. A natural product I can count on. The oils and the body spritz comes straight from my home town to my now home within days. Amazingly thrilled to find such a brand! Both these products leaves my skin soft and smooth. Can't wait to try the new products!

Jessica, A.

Wawa, Ontario

I had an aroma-massage by Charlee. She used crystals and energy to focus on my infertility. It was an amazing experience! I left feeling cleansed and relaxed. Charlee you've out done yourself once again! From the beautiful room, amazing energy and massage to the warm tea. Truly incredible.

Maddy, E.

Dundalk, Ontario

I came to Charlee and asked her for a reading . I must say I'm quiet impressed. Everything was dead on which made it more incredible. I was so happy with it , any questions I had she answered. Thank you again for the most amazing reading ever will be coming back in a few months!!!! 

Lara, C.

Puslinch, ON

This past summer my preteen daughter started getting acne on her forehead pretty bad and of course it was really bothering her and affecting her self confidence. So we bought some over the counter acne cream and within days it became extremely red and irradiated so we started looking into an all natural alternative we tried making up a few things at home which helped a little bit but not really too our satisfaction so after speaking to a friend of mine with teenaged daughters with the same issue and raving about the wonderful products made by NakdBasics we thought sure lets give it a try and we where amazed that within a week there was a HUGE improvement!!!! Of course she still has some acne it comes with her age but it has been reduced significantly and what she does have is not red or irradiated at all and the products smell amazing!!!! My daughter has gone from shying away from the camera to confidently taking selfies and feeling beautiful in them!!


Owen Sound, ON

NakdBasics has completely changed my skin care regime! Before trying these amazing products, I had tried everything on the market. They all left my skin looking and feeling worse than before use. But when I started using NakdBasics, my skin began to show me how thankful it was that I changed my products. My breakouts have reduced drastically, my skin is brighter and I love being able to feel how clean and healthy my skin is. My absolute favourite product though is NakdTattoo - It's cut my healing time in half and even my tattoo artist says this product is amazing! Since the switch, people have commented on how awesome my skin is, and I have recommended NakdBasics to friends and family more times than I can count. I will continue to be a customer and advocate for this amazing line, and can't wait to see what products they come up with next!

Kihya B.

Edmonton, Alberta.

As someone with very sensitive skin I have to be cautious about what products I can use on my face. After trying NakdFace only once, I was hooked! It leaves my skin nourished and bright without any greasy residue. Best of all, the ingredients are all natural, no harsh, unpronounceable chemicals to worry about. I can't wait to explore the other products they offer!

Meghan, L.

Quesnel, British Colombia

Huge thanks to Charlee, 

What an amazing experience shared in my reading tonight. Felt very connected on a spiritual and personal level. It was so amazingly accurate and promising.
Experienced emotions of happiness, relief, sadness and hope. A feeling clarity in with path I strive forward in!

Thank you again Charlee!

Missy, M.

Bobcaygeon, Ontario

I'm very anal when it comes to my lips. I cannot stand them being dry and it's SO annoying having to re-apply lip balm so frequently. Especially with the cooler weather coming. I've been using NakdBasics lip balms for over a year now and I will not use anything but! I also use it as a base when applying lipstick to keep my lips luscious and moist! NakdBasics lip balm leaves my lips moisturized and feeling good for HOURS at a time! I never leave the house without it!

Danielle J.

Fergus, Ontario

I have fallen in love with nakdbasics! Out of all the products I've purchased, I'd have to say my favourite is the decadent chocolate skin oil! It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed! It is not oily afterwards, it absorbs right into your skin! From dry skin in the winter to soothing sunburns in the summer, it's truly amazing! And it's chemical free! You can really feel the love and passion that have gone into these products. I can't wait to get more products in my favourite scent! Thanks Charlee!

Maddy E.

Owen Sound, Ontario

NakdBasics is by far my favourite skin care line. Loved by my whole family. It's the only stuff I'll use on my body and face.

Kayla C.

Owen Sound, Ontario

I've used Proactive, Arbonne and the Body Shop products and I have never received the compliments that I do now, thanks to NakdBasics. Within the first week of using NakdBasics I noticed a huge difference, my skin is soft, smooth and always glowing! Love these products!!!

Jessica H.

Owen Sound, Ontario

Have been using the peppermint and arnica skin oil for lower back pain and it does offer comfort to my sore muscles AND it absorbs quickly so no 'oil' marks are left on your clothes! Also love her Nakd Skin oil . The citrus scent is so invigorating and leaves my skin prepped before makeup application but is also nice alone as well . My newest 'fave' is the sweet orange lip balm. It leaves your lips soft with a bit of shine and no harmful ingredients . Love, love, love this new line that is locally made!

Val R.

Owen Sound, Ontario

I have always struggled with acne from a young age. It seemed that it would always get worse when I was stressed out about things and no acne product that my parent bough for me seemed to help, they all just seemed to dry out my skin. When I started using Nakdbasics in the fall of 2015, I saw immidate results. My skin felt healthier and it looked better. While I still have break outs, Nakd Basics has really helped my skin become healthier.

Nancy H.

New Dundee, Ontario

Hi ! I want to share how much I adore NakdBasics' products ! I use them daily and have been since discovering them. Knowing that what I am putting on my face , on my hair and on my skin is free of all harsh unnatural , unhealthy chemicals, perfumes and dyes is a wonderful feeling ! Charlee is quick to respond if I ever have a question , she is honest , informed and friendly. I can't wait to see what she comes out with next !! I recommend NakdBasics to everyone !!!

Sharah W.

Fergus, Ontario

So as someone who works day in day out with his hands. And has for much of his life. It's no wonder my hands are cracked dry and just overall not appealing. Before nakd basics I had tried huge name brands. And they left me feeling oily and slick. Which I do not like. And they only kept my hands moisturized for a short time. I learned about nakd basics from Charlee's fiancé Mike who I've been friends with since high school. Being someone who loves to support small business I decided to try it. I put an order in and they even delivered to me while I was at work. Simply awesome!! If you have dry cracked weathered hands. Or just want to feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Nakd Basics is definitely the way to go. 10/10 hands down

Chris B.

Brampton, Ontario

Nakdbasics is truly a wonderful product. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated,clean without a heavy feeling. The cleanser has a pleasant scent and a little dab will do you! The face oil is fantastic. If you suffer from aches and pains the peppermint arnica oil is a life saver! Once you make the switch, you'll never go back to store bought again.

Mandy Y.

Owen Sound, Ontario

I love my NakdBasics sprays they are so refreshing not strong and overpowering like most are ! I just tried the skin oil and it helped a lot cant wait to try more. But most of all the women behind it all she is amazing willing to help out with all your questions and her helpful tips are great!

Jill M.

Owen Sound, Ontario

Over the last three years I have been switching all of my beauty products to pure botanicals without animal fats and harmful chemicals. Nakdbasics is one of those products and it's wonderful. Thank you Charlee.

Paula M.

Shallow Lake, Ontario

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