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Hey! I'm Charlee, aka The (Georgian) Bay Wit(c)h! If you're new here, I'm the founder of NakdBasics.

Over the years I have gravitated more and more towards the spiritual aspect of life. After losing my father in 2013, a lot has changed for me. My energy shifted, my outlook on life altered, and my desire and drive to help others increased dramatically.

I went on to become a nurse to give back to my community and help those who couldn't help themselves. 

I then earned my Herbalist & Reflexology diploma and aromatherapy certificate and have continued to build my business in various avenues. My main focus for five years has been skin care and my passion for that is still on fire. Due to the increase of requests for my spiritual services, I have decided to separate these from the NakdBasics platform to keep the two from getting clouded together as one.


I’m excited to be taking this leap and offer these services while maintaining my skin care business. I am so passionate about these two aspects of my life and I appreciate the support of all of my clients.

I will be offering my Tarot/Oracle readings once again via phone, text, email or messenger, as well as continuing to create custom spell jars and kits for for those who are interested in dabbling more in to their spiritual journey.

- Charlee

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