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Simmer Pot

Simmer Pot


If you’re new to the Simmer Pot world, welcome!

The main reasons these are amazing? They add humidity to your home in the cooler months, and smell absolutely delicious. Think if it as a pot of steeping potpourri on your stove. It adds so much aroma to your home.

This blend I’m offering contains: Roasted Coffee Beans, Rosemary, Cinnamon Sticks, Bay Leaves, Foraged White Pine, Peppercorns, and Calendula.

The packs I have put together will give you at least 2 pots worth! Simply add a couple of cups of water to a pot. Put on medium heat and add a handful of ingredients. Let simmer on low-medium heat for as long as you want. 🌻 Another great thing about these are you can shut them off and turn them on as much as you want! I keep mine on the stove for 2 days. Turning it on and off as I wish! I like to use the same batch for 2 days. Then discard and start another one!

* fun tip: add a splash of vanilla extract to sweeten your blend up!


I’ve been making simmer pots for years. I find a lot of joy in reusing scrap foods for other things. For example; orange peels from afternoon snacks, apple cores, used tea bags, spices, etc. 🍂 All of these things can go into your simmer pots.

Experiment and have fun! But if you’re wanting to try a pre-made pack, I’ve got you covered! It may spark some creativity!

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