St. John's Wort - Hypericum perforatum


In Europe, St. John’s wort is considered beneficial during children’s developmental stages of growth and for aging; for bed-wetting in young children, menstrual problems (cramping, irregularities and pain) and menopause. It is thought to be very useful for people with a sensitivity to weather changes (at the one drop dosage level). I have used it extensively during winter months for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with great success (at full dose).


Excessive painfulness in these areas is a guiding symptom for its use. It relieves pain even better than morphine. Its homeopathic mind attributes are anxiety, such as falling from heights, shock and melancholy. It is specific for puncture wounds, especially for pain after operations, or when a person is cut by the scalpel. It is also used specifically for pain in the lower back, or the coccyx, after a fall on your tailbone or after child birth.