Roll On

Roll On


Each 10mL Roll On will come with intuitively chosen crystal chips inside.


How to use a Roll On:


  • Temples:  This is a great place to apply a stress relief style rollerball with peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender.  Apply to temples and feel the stress melt away.
  • Behind Ears/Neck:  Behind the ears is the best place to create some sense of sillage if you’re constantly on the move.  You’ll be able to create a small wake with your scent.
  • Collar Bones:  My favorite spot for a date night, you’ll be able to bring someone closer with that alluring scent.
  • Elbows:  A great pulse point for work if you have to wash your hands, or you find you’re getting too much sillage with your wrist.
  • Wrists:  One of the classics, your arms are constantly moving which creates a sense of movement in your fragrance.
  • Behind Knees:  Not used very often, but I’m fond of it as the scent isn’t immediately attributable to you.  A very muted and understated application.


Just remove the cap, invert the bottle, and rub it gently back and forth on your skin.  Ensure that the liquid inside the bottle is contacting the inside of the rollerball

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