Motherworth - Leonurus cardiaca

Motherworth - Leonurus cardiaca


Motherwort is primarily a herb for women and for the heart. It can also have a sedative effects, decreasing muscle spasms and temporarily lowering blood pressure. As its name sake motherwort’s uses is to improve fertility and reduce anxiety associated with childbirth, postpartum depression, and menopause. Many midwifes have used in early labor it will ease labor pains and calms the nerves after childbirth.


After childbirth motherwort is used immediately but after 1 week it can be used 1 – 2 times a day in the weeks following birth for easing tension and supporting a woman through the feelings that come with new mothering. Do not use during pregnancy.


Motherwort has been employed when the menses is delayed or suppressed, especially when someone is anxious and tense. In China it is often combined with dong quai as a menstrual regulator. Avoid using for menstrual cramps when bleeding is heavy. It strengthens and relaxes the uterine muscles and eases uterine cramping.


Motherwort reduces fevers, and is especially when associated with nervousness or delirium. It can be used to treat rheumatism and lung problems, like bronchitis and asthma.