Intention Bundle

Intention Bundle


Create your own Intentions Bundle!




YOU get to design each of the 3 handcrafted products in this bundle. Tell me what scent(s) and/or intention(s) you want to set and I will do the rest. There are some options you can choose from below for base oil, plant materials and crystal chips. You then tell me what scent(s) you would like. 


Below is a list of some essential oils you can choose from. I do have fragrances as well so please let me know what you would like and I will make it happen.


Essential Oils to choose from.

YES you can mix and match. Up to 4 per blend.

- Frankincense

- Lavender

- Blood Orange

- Lime

- Lemon

- Grapefruit

- Black Pepper

- Peppermint

- Spearmint

- Tea Tree

- Rosemary

- Cinnamon

- Clove


Intention Oil - 30mL

Intention Spray - 30mL

Bath Soak - 4oz

Base oil for Intention Oil
Dried Plant for Intention Oil
Dried Plant for Bath Soak
Crystal Chips in Intention Oil?
Crystal Chips in Intention Spray?