Charlee, Founder

Hey everyone, Charlee here. I started NakdBasics back in a basement apartment in 2015. It started out with just a couple products to help pay my nursing school tuition. I'm blown away at how quickly this has expanded.

I'm a nurse, herbalist, professional student, business owner, wife, momma of twin boys, a nature loving green witch and all around plant/nature lover. 

Join me and my team on this wild ride into zero waste, natural body care, refillery and so much more.

with love, xx

Courtney, Assistant Manager, Right Hand

Hey, my name is Courtney! 


I’m a typical animal lover, coffee enthusiast, and have a huge passion for all things natural! From being in the outdoors to sourcing plants locally to put into products, each bit I’m inspired by and my loves grows stronger everyday! 


I help operate the store full time and do many different jobs throughout the day! I previously owned Iona & co. ! 

I find the love & light with everything I do. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.

 Meet our team!